The Healing Art in Ancient Thrace

In our lands were performed medicinal occasions, consisting of surgical procedure, currently in old Thrace as well as also in the older population of the Eneolithic age (3800-3600 BC). The healing activity of man throughout this distant age has actually consisted of the usage of natural herbs, obstetric care, primitive surgical care.

The Elinsky writer Theophrastus Erzijski has actually left the first written reports (about 3rd century BC) concerning the medical plants in old Thrace. An ancient Thracian personalized was the approval of medications to be come with by the singing.

The Thracians venerated and Asclepius– the ancient Greek god of the recovery art, illustrated in a hand with a remain which a serpent was cover. It was additionally revered by the Greek mythology of Hythia– the child of Asclepius, stood for by a tiara on the head as well as a glass of which he drank a snake. In the mineral springs the Thracians Strog Asclepioni– The refuges of Asclepius, additionally obtained from the elines. Comparable aphopions were located in Kyustendil, in chapter Panega, near the Batkun– Pazardzhik County as well as other areas. From some investigates it is kept that the old Greek god of Healing help– Asclepius, has a Thracian origin, and also its name stems from the Thracian words “Ace”– a snake, and “Squats “-a stick. Its name is as a result pertaining to the ancient symbol of the healing art– a stay which a serpent is wrap. This name passes to the Greeks as Asclepios, and also in the Romans it is amended as ESCULAP. The beginning of medicine was placed by these researchers in the Thracians, greater than 1000 years before Hippocrates, and also consequently the “Father” of medicine is not Hippocrates, yet Asclepius. Unfortunately, there are no compelling historical debates.